Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snow and Snowdrops

March 12, 2010

The giant snowpile down at the end of the driveway is almost gone. We've had some steady rain overnight, and the world is changed this morning, though it still looks grey and grim. Snowdrops are blooming and the back yard is full of the spikes of wild crocuses, unopened because of the hidden sun, but ready to pop.

Spent all of yesterday gallery sitting, and then had a surprise phone call from my sweetie, who suggested we have dinner out. We did, and it was fabulous. But: no painting got done yesterday.

Today: work on the doggie painting is not going well and I'm beginning to have doubts about whether or not it will come together in time. The skin tones just looked too dull, so warmed them up today but it looks like I overshot. The male dog is beginning to have some structure, so that's, at least, encouraging. I must say that acrylic is not my friend.

The question continues about the right name for the painting of the young woman taking a picture of the Villers.
Point of View
brings the viewer into it in a subtle way: the young woman is viewing the Villers; it looks like the girl in the Villers is observing her; and the there's the unseen spectator--- the viewer. So, I like that goofiness. But Echoes intimates that something mysterious is reverberating across time. I welcome input on this issue.

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