Monday, January 19, 2015

Activity Since 2011

The 2011 photo of the upstairs studio is very much out of date. A couple of years ago I cleaned out a room in the basement we used to refer to as The Dungeon, painted the walls white, installed some daylight bulbs in the ceiling fixture, and moved all of my art stuff down there. It's a snug little room, with my art books in a bookcase along one wall, and floor space for the easel. The paintings I'm working on are arranged on the walls so I can see what needs to be done to any one of them at a glance; they also put in drying time as they rest in place.

Lately I've been trying to finish up the loose ends regarding getting my reference files in order. This is a big project I started right after New Year's, and I'm hoping that by being better organized I'll be able to find what I need quickly, and waste less time. Another thing that's occupied my time since the start of the New Year has been marketing. I've made a real effort to search for opportunities for the coming year and at least one of them has paid off: a show at Narmada Wineries in May. I entered a couple of contests, and placed three of my best images on the Saatchi Worldwide site.

Plans for 2015 also include a spot in a group show at the Arts Barn in Gaithersburg, and possibly at Artomatic sometime this fall. So the year has started off with a bang, at least as far as exposure is concerned. Now I have to make sure I've got enough work for the three shows!

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