Friday, June 17, 2016

The Lure of the Ocean

I haven't posted updates of this one for a while. Living my whole life on the Atlantic Seaboard, I've spent many a day visiting the Atlantic Ocean. This is the tenth one in a series, all of them done in a square format and tightly cropped to play off the realism against a sense of the abstract.
Atlantic Ocean Series, Dawn Phase, #10, © 2016, work in progress

I look forward to summer beach days here in the Northern Hemisphere. That sounds a little weird, doesn't it? But the Internet has allowed us to communicate across vast distances, and for all I know someone in Australia or Chile might be looking at this page, and they're heading from fall into winter...

The AO paintings are divided into different color phases. The first four (they're always in groups of four) were a brilliant, deep blue, off the coast of New England. The second four featured that beautiful Caribbean blue color, and were from photos I took in Miami Beach. This next phase is from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, all photos taken at dawn, when the pink and coral sky colors reflect on the water's surface. Enjoy!

If you want to see the series, it's on my website at

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