Monday, February 20, 2023

Details, Details

It seems I rushed the color in a few places; under closer scrutiny I realized there were some ragged edges and places that needed to be smoother and better graduated. So this morning I went back in and cleaned things up.

                                                               Glen Echo, work in progress, (click on image for larger view)      

Over the weekend I researched a way to bring the tips of brushes back to a point, since I have multiple cans and jars of brushes that have splayed out, and I'm tired of having to buy new ones every month or so. So last night I tried out one of the recipes, which involves dipping a brush into boiling water, then cleaning it with soap, rinsing, dipping in a corn starch and water solution and pulling the hairs back into a point. Right now the ones you see at the bottom are in the 24-hour drying process. We'll see if it works. 

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