Friday, February 6, 2015

Cozy in the Studio

One of the problems with the studio is that it's just a couple of degrees too cold down there to work comfortably, but now that we've installed a small space heater, it's a lot better. The temps outside lately have been down in the 30s and sometimes windy, so the heater makes a lot of difference.

Here's what I worked on today:

J.P. Licks, © 2015

Reception From 5 - 9, © 2015

Both of these are paintings I hadn't worked on in a couple of months--- as I mentioned yesterday, everything that I want to work on is drying, and I'm always inadvertently smearing paint around, so I've learned to leave things alone until they're fully dry. Both of the above have gotten to a point where they're 3/4 done, and that's when things get really tedious. All of the details have to be finessed, and it's s-l-o-w going. In the case of J.P. Licks, it's refining the words "Espresso" and "Latte," and the line on the door. I really dread it. This painting could end up being unfinished for another six months.

As far as the bottom one goes, look at all those picture frame corners. Ack! And then I have to paint in a couple of dozen wine glasses.

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