Thursday, February 19, 2015

On a Roll

I did take yesterday off, since the threatening weather dictated a trip to the local food store, and after running a few other errands I flopped into my chair, exhausted, upon returning home. Watched the bluebirds on the balcony for a while and learned a few things on the internet about marketing and a craft project I plan to start soon. But today I got into the studio early, to make up for lost time.

L. Hones is nearly finished at this point. All that's left is refining the hand of the shopkeeper and making the halos around the lights as soft as possible:

 L. Hones, © 2015

J.P. Licks, which has more than enough detailed work to keep me busy for the next month, is coming along:

 J.P.Licks, © 2015

 And I went a little further on Fashion Forward:

Fashion Forward, © 2015

And it's still early enough in the day that I might be able to get some more work done...

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