Saturday, December 15, 2018

That Deep Blue Sky

After working on 16 separate paintings last week, I had planned to take the weekend off and actually leave the house to go to a local park, and, oh I don't know; breathe air that doesn't contain a whiff of mineral spirits, talk to other human beings, etc. But it's raining, and the rain's not supposed to let up until Monday. The shopping mall is likely to be extremely crowded in the Christmas shopping rush, so that doesn't really appeal, either. And despite the fact that Hollywood is releasing its contenders for the Oscars, there aren't any comedies in the bunch and that's what we all need right now. No apocalyptic stuff, please.

So, when I discovered that the paint on this one was dry enough for me to work, I got to it and added some purples, yellows, and deepened the post-sunset sky:

Farm At Dusk, © 2018 (click on image for larger view)
Everything else is either too wet to work or unappealing (example: In Case Of Emergency). Maybe I'll go to the public library.

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