Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Best Laid Plans

 So, the plan, or at least the hope, was to get 8 small paintings finished by the end of the month so I could concentrate on the larger stuff. This is one of them. The plate rim has been increasingly bothering me due to its flat look; I decided this morning to mix a glaze of darker color and add it to the inside of the plate. However, the glaze medium itself (as it often does) then made visible about a hundred thousand tiny hairs, dust mites, etc.

I had to keep brushing it down to eliminate most of the debris, but now it seems I'll have to wait for it all to dry before adding another layer. Bah. And there's still the spoon handle, the fork, and the chocolate specks.

                                                         Molten Chocolate With Gelato, work in progress, (click on image for larger view)                 

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