Monday, January 30, 2023

The Best Laid Plans

 I had everything planned out. I was going to finish the vineyard and the dessert series. I was going to finish the little genre pieces, like A Rainy Day In Alexandria; Starbucks; and 'S Nice, with an eye toward putting them up on Saatchi. I was starting to create a brand new website, with a shopping cart and options to buy. Then I was going  to get back to the three large pieces that share the same location on Mulberry Street in New York, and finish Persephone in time for Spring. 

But a request from one of the galleries that show my paintings came in over the weekend, and now I am shifting gears. New pieces will begin to show up in this blog as I get them started. Here are two:

                                                         Girl In Museum (working title), work in progress, (click on image for larger view)                  


                                                         Glen Echo, work in progress, (click on image for larger view)                 

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