Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Good Day's Work

Yesterday I had no energy whatsoever, couldn't get motivated to do anything. Realized as soon as I got up this morning that I'd have to make up for it or else be doomed to a day of guilt, so I started in on some of the tasks on the To Do list. Worked through them in the a.m., then got into the studio around 2 p.m. and spent the next four hours on several paintings, a couple of which I'll enter below.

Palatka, oil version, work in progress, © 2016

This one is almost finished. I used some of Gamblin's gel medium to get a softer effect on the cloud edges, both in the sky and water. I think all it needs now is a little detail on the foliage.

Distant Hills, work in progress, © 2016

Also nearly done. The cows need to be sharpened up, and in some cases I have to adjust the shadows I'd already put in--- the cows' legs needed to be longer than I'd planned.

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