Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fine Tuning

This is Deep Sunset, and at this point I'm trying to do the last few details that will finish it off. I worked for about an hour on the tree, trying to make the branches look believable and recalling the very first session we had as freshmen at Pratt in drawing. We were sent out onto the lawn in front of the Ryerson Building and instructed to draw trees. For some of us it came easily, but it was a struggle for me then, and it remains so today. I can't seem to grasp the inherent structure of trees... Nevertheless, I think what I did this afternoon is about the best I can hope for; there was some wiping and repainting, but it looks okay to me now.
Deep Sunset, work in progress, © 2016

The tree itself— the real one, I mean; the one in the reference photo— was a blaze of red in the sunset. I used a combination of black and Cadmium Red Light to paint it.

Anyway, now I have to deal with the very fine wires on the utility poles, and that ain't gonna be a piece of cake.

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