Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Land and Sea

Worked on three paintings today. The landscapes are coming along pretty well, and I think the ground is done on Distant Hills. I've put in some shadows where the cows will be. The California landscape, likewise, is almost finished, just needs a few minor details added to the plants. Oh, and I want to take those textural strokes out of the sky so it won't compete with the foreground.
Distant Hills, © 2016, work in progress

Napa Lowlands, © 2016, work in progress

So, the oceanscape is the tenth one in a series of paintings I've been working on for the past few years. They're in groups of four, and the first two groups, Wellfleet and Miami Beach, are currently on view at a gallery in Annapolis. I'm not very far into this one, but wanted to mention that there are very delicate pinkish colorations in the sky and water— I'm not sure they're showing up in this picture. They'll be more visible after the next sitting.

Atlantic Ocean Series #10, Outer Banks, © 2016, work in progress

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