Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Quick Trip To New York, and More Taping Off

A good friend of mine had a reception for her show in New York City on Thursday night, and we wanted to show our support so off we went. The exhibition was of course wonderful, as she is very meticulous, and it's a pleasure to see realism done well.

We didn't realize how much we'd enjoy being back in the Big Apple. The one-day trip was far too short, but we did stroll around the Midtown/Times Square area, and I got a few shots of skaters at Rockefeller Center for the Winter Skaters series.

A view of Times Square from our hotel:

And one of the skating rink:

And one of the delightfully cheesy, seemingly Original-Star-Trek-set-inspired lobby of our hotel:

 Sadly, we were back on the road before noon yesterday. We'd hired a pet sitter, so we knew the cat would be fine, but we wanted to get home before the crush of traffic began on I-95.

So today I taped off some more tiles on Protective Coloration:

And here is the result:

I know it's hard to see any changes, but it's moving forward. Really.

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