Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Some Thoughts on "America"

Recently someone (a non-artist) asked me what I planned to do with the America series. It baffled me: I hadn't been thinking of doing anything with it; I just had the idea one second and knew I had to start painting. Sometimes— a lot of times— creativity seems to be compulsive. In this case. I just wanted to show the diverse nature of my country. Living in places like New York City, south Florida, the Washington DC area, you come into contact with people who don't look like you, don't sound like you when they talk, and who have fresh new ideas about things. And I want to celebrate that fact.

As far as display goes, it's not the sort of work that I could see in either of the galleries I'm in. I plan to do 36 of the little panels, and they're 8" square each, so if they're hung the way I envision things (abutted to each other), it will be a 48" square hanging.

Not sure if I went too dark on the forehead under the hat brim on this one today:

George, © 2017 (America series), work in progress (click on image for larger view)

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