Saturday, October 1, 2016

At The Museum Of Women In The Arts

My friend Sharon, who is a painter of some renown, had an extra ticket to an opening at The Museum Of Women In The Arts a couple of nights ago, so off we went in the rain to brave the convoluted streets of D.C. The show was the reception for the Rubell Family Collection, and it did not disappoint. While there was very little in it that wasn't abstract or otherwise edgy, it was a treat to see the different approaches to creating art, especially of the female form. My favorite piece was of a woman dreaming, a lushly and confidently painted reclining figure; overhead, darkness with suggestions of floating forms. Of course I've forgotten the name of the artist, and I don't want to post the photo I took of the piece until I look it up, but meanwhile, here is a shot of the interior of the building with patrons socializing.

The Museum of Women In The Arts, Washington D.C., Thursday, September 29th. Click for larger view.

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