Monday, August 21, 2017

Annapolis. Eclipse. Giant Mushrooms. No Painting Today.

So, the first thing I did was drive out to Annapolis to deliver 6 paintings and pick up 4 small ones. That took most of the morning and early afternoon. The eclipse was starting to get underway when I got back, so I spent some time wandering around the yard taking pictures of the crescent shapes of the sun on the ground, as it was filtered by the tree leaves.

Back yard, 8/21/2017

Crescent shapes on pumpkin plant leaves. Note pumpkin growing in shadows.

82% coverage of sun.

Also: we had a giant mushroom growing on the lawn. I'm adding this photo because Nature is just so amazing. Apparently, this is a "puffball" mushroom; I think it looks like the brain of an alien entity. The deer have been ignoring it.

Puffball Mushroom. Approximately 9" in diameter.

Tomorrow: back to painting.

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