Friday, December 15, 2017

A Busy Couple Of Days

Well, the lead-up to the holidays is always a bit mad. This was a crazy week, though, with visits to the dentist, the art supply store, the tech store, two galleries, and the purchase, downloading, and completion of Tiffany Haddish's autobiography, "The Last Black Unicorn." Oh, and I sold the commissioned piece last night!

So, here's the exciting part. I have way too many paintings in the house, and the two galleries where I show my work can't handle the number of pieces I have. So I decided to look for a third gallery, hopefully in DC, so the clientele wouldn't be the same as the others. I've been looking at websites online, and thought the Susan Calloway Fine Art gallery looked very good; plus, they were showing realist work but not anything like mine. So I sent in an application, and after hearing back from them, took two pieces in on Wednesday. And I am very happy to announce that we have entered into an association.

Here's a photo of the gallery, on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown (DC):

Susan Calloway Fine Art


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