Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Number 26

Several years ago, I had a job I loved: running a graphic design program at a community college. For most of it, I was able to work on my bliss in the off hours, and would typically paint about 25-30 pieces every year. But as time went on, the job became more demanding, and not only was I bringing work home on weekends, I was getting cranky and snarly whenever my husband suggested we see a movie or otherwise enjoy life. By the time the job and I parted ways, I was down to 2 paintings a year and very unhappy about that.

Following that, a doctoral program claimed a lot of my time, but once it was over I got back to the business of painting.  Since then I've completed well over 200 pieces, and here is the latest, finished today, and the 26th painting for 2017.

  Sometimes She Just Needed To Get Away, © 2017 (click on image for larger view)

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