Tuesday, March 8, 2022

An Unexpected Problem

I decided to start with the looseness of the ice in Winter Skaters 5 this morning, and worked happily for a while before thinking I should bring one of the other Skaters paintings upstairs so I could reasonably match the color and the brush strokes on the ice. 

As soon as I put them side by side, however, I noticed a major problem: the skaters in #5 were WAY larger than the ones in #1. 

                                           Winter Skaters #5, © 2022, work in progress (click on image for larger view)                 

Here's #1:

                                                                     Winter Skaters #1                

 So now I don't know what to do: wait for the paint to dry, then sand off everything I've done so far and redraw smaller figures? Or do the ones in #5 look infinitely better, and maybe I should go the other way and repaint #s 1-4?

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