Wednesday, September 28, 2022


This first one will have two women seated in the window, chatting. I like the soft colors but it's maddening to have to work against the nubbly canvas; this is why I prefer to work on panels. Of course, the larger you go, the more difficult it is to handle a large panel; they get quite heavy. And expensive! So I do a lot of canvas (linen) stretching on my own for the bigger pieces.

                                                                      'S Nice, work in progress, (click on image for larger view)  

 And I'm taking my time with this one, too. After viewing a painting video by an artist I admire, I think that the tiny blending strokes work better than trying to get it with a quick dash.

                                                                      Starbucks (Homage to Hopper), work in progress, (click on image for larger view)                 

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