Wednesday, May 17, 2017


It's time to take a break— last night I stopped painting after 10pm— and figure out what to work on in the next few days. I just came upstairs after taking a photo of some tree shadows on the lawn, because I've never been happy with the way the dappled light appears on the street in Coffee With Andi. Hopefully, it'll help me do a better job, but in the mean time I'm suffering from painting fatigue and just need to blank out for a while.

I did want to mention how wonderful it was to meet two new really nice art patrons on Sunday. They had seen my work at Artomatic and contacted me about purchasing a painting, so I set up everything that was available in the basement and told them to peruse it at their leisure. It was clear they were the real deal: people who love art and knew what they liked. They ended up purchasing two pieces: "The Illusion of Reality" and "J P Licks," and I am thrilled that the paintings will be going to a home where they will be appreciated and cared for. Artists always feel like their work is like their kids!

So here are the sold pieces:

The Illusion of Reality

J. P. Licks

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