Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Restoring Balance

Yesterday I delivered 17 paintings to the gallery; one of them I discovered needed a bit of touch-up in the upper left-hand corner, so I brought it home. The rest of the paintings for the show will go in later this week or early next week. I saw a few of Albert Shvilly's work, too, while I was there; he's the other artist in the show, and they are marvelous! He has done layered pieces with cutouts over the background paintings.

Today I worked on several things: touching up the background on Rita's, finishing a 6" square area on Fashion Forward that I just plain missed, finishing Coffee With Andi, tightening up the figures on the right on Pershing Square. It feels good to be getting a break from the constant work: I made pasta with zucchini sauce for lunch, for example. The recently arrived custom panels from Ampersand are still in the foyer, so maybe now that the rest of the living areas have been cleaned of paintings I can bring them downstairs and start to plan how to proceed.

I'm also moving forward on a recent and exciting commission.

Here are Pershing Square and Andi:

Pershing Square, © 2017, work in progress (click on image for larger view)

Coffee With Andi, © 2017  (click on image for larger view)
Maybe tonight I'll get back to Le Diplomate.

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