Monday, March 15, 2021

Searching For The Lost Penny

Once, maybe 20 years ago now, I was given the opportunity to show my paintings at the local government center. I was so excited! I took the Sky Series I was then working on, and arrived at the place only to learn that the spaces allotted to me was broken up, interspersed between paintings by another artist.

Now, this other artist had created large scale, monumental paintings of trees in forest settings, some with small creeks running through them, and they were flawlessly, perfectly painted. I was in awe. My little sky series (11"h x 16"w) looked lost, like an afterthought in the spaces between these giant masterpieces. The artist's name was something like Penny McCarthy, but my memory is hazy and it could have been Peggy McCartney, for all I know. Those breathtaking beauties have stuck in my mind for all these years, and though I've tried looking her up many, many times, I can't find any trace of her.

This painting of mine will not in any way come close to her talent, but I am inspired by her work as I go along.

           Resting Place, work in progress, © 2021 (click on image for larger view)

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