Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Trip To The Apple Store's Genius Bar

So, about a week ago I managed to injure the wrist on my right hand while performing some eraser functions in Photoshop on a fabric design I'm trying to create. About two years ago the trackpad on my computer got progressively harder to click; this is because the battery got old and dessicated and it swells up (just underneath the trackpad) as soon as the computer warms up. I've been fighting with it ever since, but things finally got to the point of craziness with me having to wrap my wrist in an Ace bandage. Putting a lot of pressure on my wrist joint when trying to depress the trackpad was not a good thing.

The experience at the Genius Bar was far better than at any time in the past. Gina, the Genius (haha) saw me within 5 minutes of my appointed time, listened carefully, and immediately solved the problem. Of course, it will be a while before my wrist heals, but luckily it doesn't affect painting. So here's what I've been working on:

Finished! Atlantic Ocean Series #11, Dawn Phase, © 2017

Anything more that I try to do on this one will be overworking it.


Counterpoint, © 2017, work in progress (click on image for larger view)

Counterpoint still needs the feet of some of the customers on the right to be painted in.

Anne, © 2017, (America series) work in progress (click on image for larger view)


Mehri, © 2017, (America series) work in progress (click on image for larger view)

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