Friday, April 27, 2018

Bear With Me

I'm not doing as much painting as I am thinking; combing through my photo archives, looking for potential pieces that excite me. I picked up the stretchers for a new painting of a restaurant interior, and will probably stretch the canvas this weekend. The interior is very dark but warm, with lots of little lights on the tables and dangling from the ceiling; a single figure seems to be exiting the room.

 Today I started drawing in the lines for this new piece, below. Trust me, it looks simple but is not; in order to make it look convincing I've had to measure out every little line on that tiled wall— in the photograph, it's all distorted due to the camera lens; plus, there were customers in the right hand corner that took away from the overall feel of the piece.

As of yet, it's untitled. I can already see that I made the waiter far too narrow, and will have to adjust his body shape. I probably would have been smarter to have painted the back wall at least a foundation color of green before drawing the lines in; but c'est la vie.

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