Monday, April 30, 2018

Re-Thinking The Sky Series

Years and years ago I completed a series of 30 11"h x 16"w paintings of the sky, all done at different times of the day, night, during eclipses, with ordinary and unusual cloud formations, etc. And I put them all in simple black-and-silver floating frames, which I can tell you is not an inexpensive endeavor.

They make a nice show, but there are some that I've never been happy with, so I decided to separate them out and either retouch the ones that aren't up to snuff or repaint them entirely. Two of the series sold long ago to someone moving across the country to California, so there are only 28 now. Of those, I think about a dozen of them don't need work; that leaves 16 that do.

These are two of the ones that are okay:

These need varying degrees of repainting—

I've got a bunch of photos taken in recent years that I can draw from if I decide to change something entirely. And I also have the original slide film reference.

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