Friday, June 12, 2020


I still don't feel like working on anything that requires a tight hand, though I might try to pick up on one of the desserts later. I blame today's poor working session on multiple interruptions, bad brushes, equally bad decisions, and the knowledge that there is an absurdly beautiful day going on in the window behind me.

I changed a lot of the color in this one; not sure that the carmine I picked for the red roses is correct, though when mixed with white it produces a pretty pink in the whiter roses. I think I want something more like an Alizarin, something cooler, more towards a purple. Anyway, the old brushes I used make it impossible to paint a straight line when it's needed, like on the pickets. So I overpainted them and will trim them back with the darkest shadow color.

Somerville Roses, © 2020, work in progress (click on image for larger view)

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