Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pershing Square, and Another American

So after a break, I concentrated on the left side of Pershing Square, the street part just outside of the underpass. That left side is almost done.

Pershing Square, © 2017, work in progress (click on image for larger view)

Then I took a tour of the studio and the other room where I've placed everything that's going into the show. There are several paintings that I'm confident will be done in time for the show: Robert, the Dance Floor painting, On The Way, Reception From 5-9, and Whole Foods. That leaves 8 or 9 paintings that need some, or a lot, of work. I've got four more work days in April, and then 3 weeks in May.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on the America series in my (haha) spare time in the evenings. This young lady was a visitor at the Artomatic "Meet The Artists" night event, and she was such an amazing representation of the freedom of the American woman (complete with natural hair and a bottle of beer in her hand— the 9th floor at Artomatic, where Dennis and I have our room, is not far from the bar, and half our visitors were drinking beer that night) that I had to paint her. I think she's just perfect.

Veronica, © 2017, (America series) work in progress

More work on the schedule for tonight, mostly taping off blocks of tiles and painting nice clean edges on
Protective Coloration.

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