Monday, June 19, 2017


The rain storm came up rather quickly, though the weather predictions told us to expect it. The sky got very dark, but I was able to get an early dinner onto the table before we lost power (so far, so good; no power outage). This was all after a morning of painting, an hour at the gym, and a quick trip to the library.

Regarding painting, I did get to paint in that darker side on this one:

Evening Star Café, © 2017, work in progress

Now I'll be able to play off the contrast between the warm colors of the interior against the dark cool tones outside.

I also darkened the left side of Equilibrium. The pounce method, using the side of a big soft nylon brush seems to work best. But those hanging tools on the left side wall, which I painstakingly measured and painted in place, thinking they'd still be visible through the paint layer, have disappeared.

Equilibrium, work in progress, © 2017

And as an aside, my current mood is pretty dark as well.

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