Sunday, June 25, 2017

Of Fingerprints, Dust and Cat Hair

So I sat down to work on this, antiipating a fine time. But only a minute into the application of some Raw Sienna with a nice big soft brush, I realized there was a problem with dust and hair that had settled into the initial layer.

Also, when I went to check on whether or not the first paint layer was dry a few days ago, I stupidly touched the background paint instead of the paint on the frisket. That left two fingerprints that are now visible on the upper left side.

The Chair, © 2017, work in progress

Then I tried to remove a tiny piece of hardened paint, which left a whitish spot. And there are bits of cat hair that are impossible to remove once they've dried into a layer of paint.

I think the next time I get back to this I'll use a more opaque color, like a yellow ochre. 

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