Sunday, June 4, 2017

Reception Tales and Sales

The reception last night was very nice indeed. So many people told me how much they love my work, and as you know if you've read this blog a bit, I spend most of my days like a mole, underground, painting in my Dungeon Studio in the basement. So when a very nice gentleman told me how happy it made him to see "a return to classical painting," I felt honored (though I told him my work is really a long way from classical) and like all of the work was worth it.

There was a healthy attendance up til about 8pm, and friends were there to offer support and cheer. A woman who already owns several of my pieces bought more, and altogether 5 pieces sold. People asked intelligent questions about technique. And I got to meet a few folks about whom I have long heard; the whole evening was a delight.

Very early on, before the gallery filled up, I took this photo of my gallery owner talking with some visitors. I wish I'd thought to take pix of everyone who was there!

Started gessoing the panel for "In Case of Emergency." Can't wait to put some paint on it!

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