Monday, June 5, 2017


Steve Krensky, who is well known among artists in the DMV region (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) was one of the visitors at the reception on Saturday evening. Steve is the man whose photo I'm working on; he took the photo and wants me to do as accurate a painting of it as possible. It's part of a group of his photos that he's farmed out to a number of artists in anticipation of having a show somewhere when they're all done, and he's reassured me that there's no rush, so the pressure is still off.

So I still have a nice sense of equilibrium, which coincidentally is the title for Steve's picture. I asked for permission to post the photo, so here it is (sorry for the glare) along with where I am on the painting right now:

Equilibrium, photo, © Steve Krensky

Equilibrium, oil on panel, work in progress, © Susan La Mont 2017

This is the one I'm going to mask off with the Contact paper I mentioned in an earlier post. I'm going to have a lot of fun painting it.

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