Thursday, March 21, 2019

Coffee And Dessert

There are a couple of professional artist associations I want to apply to this year, and having a "body of work" that's identifiable is the sort of thing they look for. I think the coffee and dessert series will be fun to work on, and I'm purposely keeping them small because there will be so much detail. The smaller size will help with affordability, too.

I entered a couple of shows recently, too, in an effort to break out of the doldrums regarding poor sales; the paintings need to see the light of day and hang on the walls of places where people will see them. They're not being seen in my basement! Anyway: I heard back from one show last night, and all 7 of the pieces I entered were accepted. So that is a good sign, and hopefully something will come of it.

Last night and this morning I penciled in two more little panels.

Next, I need to visit a few more restaurants and coffee shops!

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