Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Not Really Slacking Off

Everywhere I look online and in galleries, artists are known for their subject matter. I've always found it hard to specialize in one thing, because everything is so interesting! I love painting people... landscapes... city scenes...the sky, and the ocean. But it seems I need to have something that people can identify me with, and since everyone seems to see my work as photorealist I might as well push that aspect of it as far as possible. So, I've just received an order of really sleek ten-by-ten inch panels from Jerry's Artarama, and I'm going to create a series based on coffee and dessert.

Of course, I'll continue to work on the regular stuff.

Here are the first two images, in sketch form:

I don't have names for them yet. And the streaks of light on the bottom one are from the nearby window.

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